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Wingardium Leviosa! Ryan Young and David Foley cast their spell

Updated: Feb 7

Two musicians, Ryan Young, a fiddler and David Foley, a guitar player, sitting in front of a large audience in a church
Ryan Young and David Foley at the Concert for Creative Response

When we asked Ryan and David to play for Creative Response’s 30th birthday concert, we knew it would be a very special gig. But real magic only happens when you least expect it and "Wow!", did magic happen at the Spire Church last Saturday night!

Extra fairy dust came in the form of local singer-songwriter DiElle (after our chance meeting on local radio show Brian Player's Acoustic Cafe). Her beautiful voice and fiercely honest songs chimed with the powerful artworks of Mariya Borysova, Natalia Sharomova and Niel Ballingal, whose Art for Ukraine exhibition added to the potency of the spell.

The great Irish fiddler, Martin Hayes, who is a major influence on and supporter of Ryan remarked in his autobiography that “The more I have to think and apply my intellect in the act of making music, the less feeling it seems to contain.” From the moment Ryan put bow to string, it was clear that this performance came not from the head, but directly from his heart. The feeling and expression that flowed from his fiddle had the audience captivated. Together with David’s sympathetic, exhilarating accompaniment, we started to feel lighter in our seats, compelled to follow wherever their music took us.

As Ryan and David set off on their final set, the snapping of Ryan’s E-string almost broke the spell. After a few awkward minutes, Professor Dumbledore, in the shape of guitar wizard Sandy Stanage, emerged from the audience. He came to the concert to check up on the progress of two of his students, who he last saw 15 years ago. He rekindled the spell with an enticing performance of Carolan’s Sí Bheag Sí Mhor and set it sparkling into the air until Ryan, with fiddle strings restored, took back the wand to finish the job.

As the final soaring notes rang out, the spell was cast, levitating all of us to our feet.

"Wing-gar-dium Levi-o-sa!”

Ryan Young and David Foley, with DiElle - Concert for Creative Response

14 October 2023 at the Spire Church, Farnham

All photographs captured by Natalia Sharomona

Through the kindness and generosity of the audience, the team at Creative Response and the Spire Church, we raised £450 for Creative Response.

Huge thanks to Ryan Young (fiddle), David Foley (guitar), DiElle (voice, guitar), Sandy Stanage (guitar) and Chris Tanton (sound) for an absolutely spellbinding evening of music.

Special thanks to Natalia Sharomova for her wonderful photographs that captured the magical atmosphere of the evening.

A very heartfelt “thank you” to our lovely volunteers and supporters, Barbara, Cathy and Niall behind the bar, Kathryn, Anna, Sophie, Fiona, Niel, Mariya, Natalia, Taras, Lena, Miranda, Louise and the whole Creative Response community. Most of all to my mum Laurie for her unconditional love and amazing home-made brownies.

Support these amazing artists and a wonderful charity.

Creative Response

Find out more about the work of Creative Response on Facebook and Instagram

Ryan Young

Ryan's brilliant second album "Just a Second" launches on 27 October. Subscribe to Ryan’s mailing list at his website. Ryan will be performing at King’s Place, London, on Sunday 25 February at 6 pm, when he will be playing a very special fiddle.

David Foley

In addition to accompanying Ryan, David is an incredible multi-instrumentalist and plays for award-winning band RURA.

DiElle has a busy schedule of local gigs, which you can find on her Linktree

Mariya Borysova, Natalia Sharomova and Niel Ballingal - Art for Ukraine exhibition

If you are interested in buying any of the paintings and photographs that were on display at the Spire Church, or can offer these artists a gallery space to exhibit their art, please contact us at and we will pass your message on.


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