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Happy Album Launch Day to Owen Spafford and Louis Campbell

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

UPDATE: One year on! Owen and Louis will be back in Guildford on 2 December 2023 to perform at St Mary's Church.

In the first review of their much-anticipated album, Glenn Kimpton at Folk Radio UK remarked: “The quality on display across the nine tracks of You, Golden is frightening and fully belies the pair’s ludicrous average age of twenty-one.”

Louis Campbell and Owen Spafford sitting on the steps of a house. There is a turquoise blue door behind them and the sun is shining

I first saw fiddler Owen and guitarist Louis 5 years ago performing in the National Youth Folk Ensemble under the artistic direction of acclaimed fiddler Sam Sweeney. Their incredible talent was already very evident then and I remembered making a note of their names in my programme. Although they weren’t showy performers, they had an aura of brilliance that marked them out. When Owen and Louis announced their Kickstarter to fund their first album, I wholeheartedly supported it without a second thought.

The album is stunning, the artwork is urban and sparse, but the music within is multi-layered, vibrant and spontaneous.

My Kickstarter reward included a house concert, but I thought they deserved a proper stage. The Boileroom Guildford made it possible for us to put on a very special concert and Andy Cutting agreed to perform solo, making this a truly special double bill.

Spot the teenage Owen and Louis in this video introduction to NYFE

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