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Andy Cutting is Feeling Giddy

Updated: Sep 2, 2023

Live at the Boileroom: Owen Spafford & Louis Campbell and Andy Cutting

Andy Cutting sitting on stage playing a diatonic button accordion. Behind his is a cloud of smoke and a neon sign for The Boileroom

Even though Guildford shivered in sub-zero temperatures and there was the temptation of a World Cup quarter-final on telly, we were happily relieved to see The Boileroom fill up with people for our first Folk Inspiration gig and fund-raiser for arts charity Creative Response.

This is a venue not known for hosting many folk artists, but the Boileroom crew created a suitably warm and cosy vibe - subdued lighting, candles, incense and even cushioned seats - for this folk music concert. Even though drums and electric guitars were the usual fare for Ollie, the Boileroom’s sound engineer, his sensitive set up for diatonic button accordions, acoustic guitar and fiddle prompted a lovely compliment from Andy Cutting.

It made sense to us to pair the new duo of Owen Spafford and Louis Campbell in a double header with one of this country’s most highly-regarded folk musicians, Andy Cutting. Andy taught at workshops for the National Youth Folk Ensemble (NYFE), where Owen and Louis met as teenagers. It seems the NYFE experience also helped to develop their stagecraft, as Owen and Louis kept the audience completely engaged throughout their brilliant 60 minute set. (We’re already enthusiastic followers of their train station reviews on Instagram @spaffordcampbell. Looking forward to Owen’s impressions of Guildford station.)

We managed to pick our jaws off the floor as Owen and Louis finished their set to make way for “Andy Cutting, the Segovia of the diatonic button accordion” (Owen’s and Louis’ words. Did they mean the Spanish virtuoso guitarist or the train station?). As the smoke machine quietly exhaled, the second half lifted off and we were all heading towards an Andy Cutting-induced state of euphoria.

Relaxed, chatty and touched by 'end-of-term' giddiness (it was Andy's last gig in a very busy year of touring), it felt more and more like a comfortably joyful evening with good friends we haven't seen in a while.

Andy has an understanding with his audience that the encore is implied / expected, so there is no need for him to exit stage left, only to come back on again. On this night, he had a special surprise for us. Owen and Louis joined him for a final set of tunes. As we closed our eyes to revel in the magic that these three wonderful musicians created, we knew that there was absolutely no other place we’d rather be.

If you were there, thanks for being a thoroughly delightful and generous audience.

Set lists

Owen Spafford & Louis Campbell



Ca’ the Yowes

Ditty 1 and 2

Ditty 3

Tune for Barbara

You, Golden

Hares on the Mountain


Andy Cutting

The History Man / Waiting for Janet

Åre Polska

Reels by Philippe Bruneau

Liam Childs / Out on the Ocean

Greenfield House

Annaliese / There are Angels

Cuckoo’s Nest / Old Molly Oxford

Haste to the Wedding / Hunger Hill

Lola Flexen / Jacques Covemaeker

Old Light / The Abbess

Encore with Owen and Louis - Pop Goes the Weasel / Ellis Knowles #7

Lasting impressions

  • Louis’ encyclopaedic knowledge of Vaughan Williams.

  • Horsey Windpump isn’t funny (if you come from Norfolk).

  • Going to the loo during a raffle draw is almost a nailed-on guarantee that your number will be picked out of the hat (if you are Andy Cutting).

If you would like to see more of Owen, Louis and Andy, or support our charity Creative Response:

Owen Spafford & Louis Campbell - buy their new album, join their mailing list and look out for more gig dates.

Andy Cutting - buy tickets early for his solo tour in February and our Topette!! Summer Bal. Follow his many collaborations and band projects Leveret, Blowzabella, Topette!!, Walther & Treyz with Andy Cutting, Anne Niepold and Andy Cutting.

Creative Response - become a volunteer, make a donation.

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