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The Joy of Blowzabella

After more than four decades performing across Europe, the Blowzabella wall-of-sound is as exhilarating and intoxicating as ever. On 17 May 2024, this band of mighty musicians hit Worplesdon Memorial Hall like an adrenaline rush!

Two young male dancers swinging each other as lines of other dancers look on clapping
Swinging down the set to Blowzabella
Village hall interior with many couples dancing and a band playing on stage
The evening kicked off with a dance workshop taught by Jo Freya and Dave Shepherd for more than 50 dancers
6 musicians on stage playing bagpipes, clarinet, fiddle, bass guitar and diatonic button accordion
Blowzabella on stage - Paul James, Jon Swayne, Jo Freya, Dave Shepherd, Barn Stradling, Andy Cutting (l-r)
Dance workshop with Jo Freya and Dave Shepherd teaching.

Music provided by Paul James, Jon Swayne, Barn Stradling and Andy Cutting.

Blowzabella takes to the stage, lifting the audience with their distinctive drone-based wall of sound.


Want more? Dates for our next bal events
  • 16-17 November 2024 - Big Balfolk Workshop Weekend - Playing for Dancing workshop for musicians, with Andy Cutting, Jo Freya and Dave Shepherd at Worplesdon Memorial Hall. Register now.

  • Saturday 12 April 2025 - Duo Niepold Cutting - Bal and afternoon musicians workshop at St Mary's Church Guildford. Tickets available soon.

Our whole-hearted thanks

To everyone who came, danced, listened, played and cheered. We couldn't do this without you!

To Jo Freya, Paul James, Jon Swayne, Barn Stradling, Dave Shepherd and Andy Cutting for their passion for European dance music, and being so absolutely lovely.

To Chris Tanton on sound, who brought his wealth of experience working with orchestras to get the mix just right on the night.

Huge thanks to our amazing volunteers:

Helen - chief fairy light wrangler & Colin - deputy fairy light wrangler

Lisa & Colin - our lovely bar people!

Irene - front of house par excellence

Jane & Rodger - for staying after the gig and being quietly and efficiently useful!

My Mum - for her yummy brownies and unconditional love.

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