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The Big Workshop Weekend - not quite the “Folkie's St Trinian’s”

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

A room full of musicians playing together in a session.
Archie Churchill-Moss, John Dipper, Tom Moore and Dave Malkin kick off the Big Workshop Weekend with a lovely session in the Sixth Form Common Room (image by Jo Hughes)

After we heard that a certain centre for the folk arts acquired the nickname of “the Folkie’s Hogwarts”, it was tempting to frame our first Big Workshop Weekend with Dipper, Malkin, Moss and Moore at Prior’s Field School as the “Folkie’s St Trinian’s”. As it turned out, our students were far too well-behaved and our teachers were way too soft on us (take note for next time Headmistress Dipper!)

The location didn’t live up to St Trinian’s reputation either. Instead of cold, stark dorms, there were comfortable single rooms, half of them with ensuite shower rooms (we were in the Surrey Hills after all). Even the school dinners lacked any characteristic stodge and tasted way too good.

The only bit of skullduggery emerged at the Saturday night post-ceilidh after-party conker championship organised by 'Flash' Dave and his assistant Tom where Folk Inspiration triumphed (our conker conquered all)! Was it our superior technique, or was there something dodgy afoot (a homage to the infamous St Trinian's racehorse syndicate perhaps)?

From what the Big Workshop Weekenders told us, John, Dave, Archie and Tom were excellent workshop leaders (how very disappointing!). The effort they put into teaching all day and entertaining us all night was completely out of order.

Video: Dipper, Malkin, Moss & Moore - sublime music for dancing!

Despite the enthusiastic feedback, we’re persevering with it and working with Prior’s Field to find a date for the next Big Workshop Weekend with our dream team of amazing tutors. We’ll just have to pull our socks down to live up to the “Folkie's St Trinian’s” tag.

Big Workshop Weekend with Dipper, Malkin, Moss & Moore + concert and ceilidh with caller Emma Wooders

27 - 29 October 2023 at Prior's Field School Godalming

All photographs captured by Jo Hughes

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