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Something’s bubbling at the Royal Albert Hall

Updated: Sep 2, 2023

Imagine you are the opening act for a highly-anticipated reunion of a hugely popular band. You’re stepping onto the stage of the Royal Albert Hall (yikes!). 5,000 expectant fans go quiet as the house lights dim (double yikes!). The band coming on after you is Bellowhead (eeeeek!!)

Sam Sweeney, fiddle player, and three members of his band performing on stage at the Royal Albert Hall as the supporting act to Bellowhead

Not only did the Sam Sweeney Band take this in their stride, from the first zingy bars of Louis Campbell’s electric guitar intro to Ruby (the opening track to their new album), their spell weaving began. No eye of newt or toe of frog, the ingredients here were a heady blend of Jack Rutter’s driving rhythmic guitar, Ben Nicholl’s double bass that caused your insides to buzz and your toes to tap, and Sam’s soaring melodies on the fiddle. All the material was new, there were no old hits to fall back on. The curved walls of the Royal Albert Hall provided the perfect cauldron for the magic to develop and take hold.

Heads started bobbing to the beat, shoulders started swaying, ear-worms would later emerge as people made their way to the bar humming Sam’s infectious tunes. We were all hooked.

The Sam Sweeney Band is on tour with Bellowhead in November 2022. Check for dates and tickets.

Hear Louis Campbell perform with Owen Spafford in a special double bill with Andy Cutting on December 9th at The Boileroom. Buy tickets.

Sam Sweeney will be playing an intimate, totally acoustic gig and running a workshop for fiddle players next May. Sam's workshop and concert information and tickets.

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