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Olga's Story

Kharkiv: 2 million inhabitants, 45 universities, 237 schools (I worked as a primary school teacher in one of them).

That was all then, in the past life where we long to return. We are me and my 16 year old daughter.

February 24, 2022. Our day started at 5 am. Explosions, lots of explosions. From my window on the upper floor, we can clearly see the open fields towards Russia. The border is only 30 km away. We still didn't believe it was real for a while. The Russians are our brothers and sisters.

My husband and eldest daughter are in the military and left for duty within 5 minutes.

My hands are shaking. We still believed that it will end soon - we will go to school. But from the window, the whole city is on fire. Tanks on the streets. Planes and explosions, explosions... are we next?

Then, five terrible weeks in a cold bomb shelter, on the floor. It's 17 degrees below zero outside. Food is running out, shops are closed.

I decided to go somewhere. And then, on foot with my daughter to the station - into the unknown.

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